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New Tank, Strange Behaviour. Thoughts?

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Hello everyone.
As I posted before I have put my two fish into a split 10 gallon tank from two vases (approx 3-4 gallons each).

Pinkman- my CT was very.. "flarey" from the day I got him. He will flare in his new home too- only if he sees his reflection or if he sees a glimpse of his room mate through the screen and plant barage. He flared at his new snail as well for the first couple days but seems to have adjusted.
Smaug- my newest fish, I have had for about a week and a half, never flared. Ever. Even at his own reflection. He is now in his new home and flares at.. well, everything. The seashells, his reflection, the background to the aquarium, the heater, the gravel, the plants... Except- the only thing he doesn't flare at... is Pinkman when they make eye contact through one little section of the screen. He flutters a little and then turns around and returns to the menacing seashell to flare at.
So, my question is his new space stressing him out, is he just getting use to his new digs? Will he eventually chill out or should I try removing some decor?
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I'd say that he is just getting used to his new surroundings and he should chill out soon.
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