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new to bettas

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hello board, i work at a petstore/feedstore and have decided that i want fish. my gf agreed with me that i can get the fish i want (cichlids) if i can keep a betta alive for two years... so anything i need to know.

im going to buy a ten gallon tank + filter + lights.

let me hear it!
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That's a lot to look through, so I'll quickly some up some other things you'll need. You will need a heater, decor (including some sort of cave/hiding spot), food (preferably betta pellets), a lot of people recommend prime water conditioner, a testing kit, and if you're not familiar with cycling, I would look it up because you're going to want to cycle your 10 gallon.
you could use live plants (i like java moss it grows and you can put it on anything) but you dont have to have them silk or plastic work fine. gravel a heater, and maybe some meds in the future (but lets hope not).
You've not mentioned a heater! It's a must for bettas. Have fun :)
You've not mentioned a heater! It's a must for bettas. Have fun :)
No, but I did.
a yes the heatner not sure how i forgot that!

i read through most of the threads in the first reply i got, one thing it didnt answer was what kind of fish i can mix with it. all i want to put with it is a clown pleco. would that be fine?
I don't think clown plecos can fit in a 10gal tank. I think they get up to 4 inches...

You can use to give you a general idea of your stocking. If you really want some fish in with your betta there is a whole compability board here that can answer all your questions. Some common ones with bettas are neon tetras and cories. :)
Also remember some bettas can be mean little boogers :) some cannot be with other fish - I had one who killed my apple snail! :roll: but I've had many who did fine with plain guppies, short finned fish like danios (best done in 20 gallons and up), some tetras...

Avoid rasboras, barbs, gouramis, and cichlids, along with long finned varieties, and aggressive fish.
you think 4 inches is too big for a ten gallon? shared with a betta? i really didnt think it would be a problem. :-(
well take in mind bioload too :) plus food for the pleco... Plecos and catfish tend to turn on the fish if not given enough foods... I've seen them go after the fish's slime coating, which hurts the fish!
ive thought of that, i figured i would just buy algae waffers.
just be reminded plecos poop a lot :)
are you trying to tell me nicely that i should just accept that i shouldnt add a pleco? haha. i wouldnt have joined if i didnt want your honest advice.
It's what aqadvisor said. :/
ah booo... well thats 2 bucks i dont have to spend then haha
Well. The reason you don't want to I have that type of Pleco is not due to its size, as I can think of many potential 4 inch fish for a 10 gallon such as king bettas, but the main son would be due to activity and bio load. Plecos especially eat a lot, and are bulkier fish which means that they have a high bio load and produce a tremendous amount of waste. They also are very active and are known to zoom around the tank at times. So I wouldn't recommend them for a ten gallon
:lol: You could look into cories - but different kinds have different sizes, and different bioloads :) In a 10 gallon with a betta I don't recommend neons since they are fast, sometimes nip, and they love their space and higher numbers!! I've had some male bettas with skirted tetras, platys, guppies, ADF, cories, etc... But it was also trial and error as some were just too mean!
ah booo... well thats 2 bucks i dont have to spend then haha
You can get clown plecos for $2?!!! What kind of magical dollars are these? Clown plecs cost about $80 here from the shops.
i can see how it can cause a problem now that you mention all that. i just like the way plecos look :-(. ill prolly just have my betta alone then.

80 dollars for a pleco clown? sheesh haha.. where i work we sell them for 15, theyre about 2 inches long but since i work there i get a HUGE discount.
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