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Welcome to the forum and the hobby! You've got a really pretty boy there. Be careful! Many of us find it hard to stop at one. :lol:

For the water changes, in a tank that size with no live plants you should be doing at least 2 water changes a week. Just adding water to the tank doesn't count. If you have a top that should help a bit with the evaporation.

OFL is right about the lights. Fish like a day and night cycle just like we do. You should also never turn his light on in a dark room or turn it off when the room is dark. This will spook him and can cause him to dart to get away from the light. Fish don't have pupils like we do, so they need to have a dawn/dusk period to adjust to the dark and light. We can mimic this dawn/dusk by having the tank light off but the room light on.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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