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Hi everyone! I've recently decided I wanted to get a Betta Fish. I know I want to do it "right" though, with a proper, planted tank right from the beginning. I've always wanted to have an aquarium with live plants in it. I haven't bought anything yet, I've just been doing research. Lots and lots of reading.

So far I think I want this tank from Petco which is a 6.6 gallon tank. The filter seems good (in my newbie opinion) and the price is ok (although I would prefer cheaper). I like that it is longer and shallow rather than narrow and deep, which mimics the Betta's natural environment better.

I was going to get this test kit which should cover my bases right? It does pH, ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

I thought about getting an enhanced substrate with minerals and everything for my plants like the CaribSea substrate, but I don't know if that would be overkill for a 6.6 gallon tank. It says it is good for cycling too, which I know is important. But what about a water additive like Tetra SafeStart? Would that need to be added along with the substrate? Could I do just the substrate or just the water additive?
If I go with a water additive I'll need some sort of plant fertilizer, correct?

The plants I want to go with are java moss, java fern, and a moss ball. I don't know if they will all fit in such a small (6.6 gallon) tank though. I also want to make sure I have room for a heater and some sort of decoration for my Betta to hide in.

I haven't figured out what heater I want, and I'm sure there is a lot of info I'm missing, but is this a good start?

I'm planning on running my tank for 2 weeks with plants in it (and cycling it...after I read up on how to do it) before adding a fishy.
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