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Hi guys! I just joined the site but I'm pretty eager to get to know everyone! I have a zoo of animals but it keeps life interesting!

My current house inhabitants are
Pandora- 2 year old female mantle Great Dane
Harley Quinn-6 year old female Chow/Shepard mix
Toni- 3 year old female Pit Bull/Australian Cattle dog mix

8-bit- 9 month old male Domestic Short Hair

Big Mac-6 year old Male Red Eared Slider
speedy Gonzalez- 5 year old male Rio Grande Ornate Red Eared Slider

Maizey- 2 year old Creamsicle Cornsnake

and my awesome fish (most of which age unknown)
Tank 1:
Thanatos- Male Black Devil dragonscale crowntail
Erebus- Plecostomus

Tank 2:
Mako- Male Red/ Steel Blue bicolor (possible giant) crowntail
Thresh- Plecostomus

Tank 3- Natal- Male assumed pineapple veiltail

Tank 4- Empty
Former Occupant: "Red Fish"- Sick Male Red Veiltail

Most of my bettas are rescues from Wal-mart with the exception of Thanatos who was bought in good health from my local Petsmart.

Mako was bought with a slight case of recovering fin rot and was dull and mostly lethargic when I bought him. At first he was so dull I thought him to be black or maybe a copper with red fins. After getting him home,transferred to his 5 gallon home and some food in his belly, he blossomed. He showed his true colors, a lovely iridescent steel blue body with awesome red fins and he is nearly double the size of Natal and Thanatos. He's even almost larger than his plecostomus roommate Thresh.

This picture does him no justice due to my camera being only a crappy camera phone. But he is my baby, he dances with me, especially when I sing and always comes to the front of the tank when I approach.

Thanatos was not a rescue, he was bought after I fell in love with his colors and simply HAD to have a dragonscale.

My newest boy is Natal
I rescued him along with the recently deceased "Red Fish" a couple days ago from Walmart when I saw both suffering from pretty advanced cases of fin rot and could not leave them there knowing that I had saved bettas before successfully and was sure in my ability to do it again. Natal's dorsal fin is tattered and in places makes him look like a crowntail rather than the suspected veiltail. His tail and anal fin definitely look eaten away at but even already I can see them growing back. He is almost completely missing one of his pelvic fins and the other consists of nothing more than a membraneless spine. His body is too darkened for me to accurately tell what he is but his fins are a lovely iridescent peach color and his scales are outlined in black and he seems to have a lovely gold color beneath that. He flares at his reflection and has a lovely bubble nest going after I treated the water with a slight dose of Aquarium salt + API Stress coat. I have had him for roughly a week and already his fins are coming back!

Red fish unfortunately didn't have the same reaction. I treated him the same as Natal but unfortunately I think he'd fought with fin rot one too many times.
His dorsal and one of his pelvic fins were curled and his other fins were in ribbons. His final days were spent in a warm, roomy 10 gallon next to my bed.

He blew me a bubble nest in his last days so I believe he was thanking me for saving him from Walmart even if I didn't succeed in saving his life.

How did you guys come about your bettas? How many rescues do you guys have? And of course I wanna see your pretty babies!

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Welcome, it's nice to meet you and your zoo ;) I'll introduce my current room inhabitants, but to see all of my past fishies (and pictures of my current ones) you can check out my journal if you feel like it :)

Tank 1 holds Alaric, he's a 1 year old veil tail that I got as a baby. He's your typical wild betta colors - black head, dark blue/greeny body, with blue green shimmery fins with some red wash. Unique thing about him is that he doesn't have a beard, he flares his cheeks instead.

Tank 2 holds Lennan - a red/white butterfly double tail... he was gorgeous when I got him, but has since bitten both of his tails off and I'm not sure what to do with him; just trying to mend his fins right now :)

Tank 3 has Sven - he's an orange pineapple veil tail that I got from Walmart. He's such a doll!

Tank 4 houses Nemo and Beenz (there's a divider, no worries!). Nemo is probably about a year old and is a lovely light blue dragon scale half moon plakat. He's such a stud <3 And Beenz is my first actual rescue - He's a delta tail, and I think he has some elephant ear blood in him too. There are before and after pictures of him in my journal and his transformation really is amazing.

And last but not least, for fishies, is my Yoshi. I got him in October as a baby and grew him myself, and he's blossomed into a gorgeous black with blue dragon scales rosetail! He's by far the fish I've had that has changed the most - he was the envy of lots of people on the baby betta thread for a while :)

I also just acquired a kitten named Smeagol - he's 9 weeks old, black, and cute as can be!

And those are my boys! So glad to have you here on the forum!

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Haha I just acquired a 4th betta to fill the 10 gallon at the foot of my bed. The newest is Nereus, an absolutely stunning turquoise and red iridescent HM boy! Pictures will have to wait as my phone is dead and he's being floated in his new 10 gallon.

I can not wait to show him off! He's gorgeous, he even outclassed the store's double tail halfmoons and the halfmoon dumbos! From where I'm sitting he looks royal blue, but the second he turns even the slightest he turns purple or green. I'm so happy and giddy right now!
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