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Hello all!

I've kept Bettas off and on for years. My first was when I was about 12 and I fell in love with the pretty red boy in the cup of blue water at Woolworth's. I was lucky in that my mother was a fish enthusiast and found someone to give us tips and advice. Roscoe lived quite happily for nearly four years in a two gallon heated tank. As my first, he was possibly my favorite, and I have many fond memories of telling him all my teenage secrets.

From then on were others. Some lasted days, others months. I'm happy to say the majority of them lasted a couple years. At one point I had fifteen, as well as several goldfish, a tank of platys, two or three tanks of guppies... I was the crazy fish lady in the family. And I didn't have the internet to go to if there was a problem! (How did we manage before the internet??)

Marriage happened, then kids. My love for fish never wavered, but the ability to give them proper care did so I hung up my net so to speak.

Now here I am, at it again. For the time being there's only one, but I'm already planning and plotting for more. My youngest child is about to turn four, my oldest is twelve, and life has settled enough that I can give more attention to my fin-babies. The kids have been bugging me for weeks about our empty 5g tank. Finally the tank got settled (fish-out ammonia cycle) and yesterday we purchased a beautiful blue VT boy, whom we've named Jericho. He's spending the first week or so in the 1.5g quarantine tank, but once we're certain there are no illnesses he'll make the permanent move to his larger domicile.

I've visited the site frequently over the past couple months to refresh my knowledge (and learn a few new things as well). Glad to have found a place full of people that share my passion! :)
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