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New to the site. Inspect my fish please?

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I have been a long time lurker on this site and it has helped immensely with certain problems that have come my way. I currently own 6 bettas. I will post pictures of 4 of them.

The r/w/b is Ambrose.
The smaller deep red is Thelonius
The larger reddish orange is Thaddeus
The blue is Lucius.

Basically, I inspect them daily for tears/rips/bites but I am more concerned with Thelonius's fins than anyone elses.

That being said, I didn't think it would hurt to have the pros take a peak.

Thank you! :-D
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All of your bettas look happy and healthy :D
Yeah they look healthy to me! Even Thaddeus. I think he might be a rose or feather tail...which makes his fins look a little frayed-ish at the ends, but he look normal for a rose or feather :) Pretty fish!
They all look pretty good to me. The only thing I would be concerned with, is that hard coral decoration, I think it is Lucius's tank, I would be concerned of that having sharp edges that could catch his fins and cause a tear. But other wise I agree with the others and TheBlur about Thaddeus, I would say feathertail.
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