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I just thought I'd introduce myself and my bettas as i just registered here! I'm still getting used to how do to everything on here but I love it already!
I'm a young teenager and my first betta was a male veil tale named Sushi, bought him a long time ago at petsmart. He had a black face and blue, aqua and red body, so pretty!
He was my first pet and he lived 7 YEARS! He died of old age and i was heartbroken.
Then, I was sad and missed taking care of fish so my mom took my to buy a betta again, a beautiful halfmoon this time with a dark blue body and red tipped by the body and bright aqua the rest, meet Jace! He's in a 10 gallon aquarium.
Since bettas are fairly easy to care for-this hobby became a addition! My mom gave me her 30 gallon tropical tank. After a while of that, she kept nagging on me on how I decorated it so i gave it back and bought a 60 gallon aquarium which I made a tropical tank but i plan on making it a betta soroity or divide it alot after all the tropical fish eventually go.
Then, after months of going to petsmart alot every week seeing a little all true black female crowntail there, I BEGGED AND BEGGED my mom for her and eventually she said yes! Probably because I was driving her crazy though! I named her Alice, she's so beautiful! She's in a 2.5 gallon tank.
After her this really became a addiction-since my birthdays coming up and me and my mom decided she would just give me money and i can pick my own birthday presents, I was planning on getting clothes and stuff but i plan on getting a couple shelves and a bunch of tanks and decorations and gravel and set them for more bettas! Soon I'm dividing my 10 gallon tank for another betta too!
No offense but before I had fish i thought they would be boring pets, but having them is amazing! But they really are addictive, I think about them for hours a day and i drive my mom crazy!
Now I take care of 3 tanks, and soon 4 as I'm setting one up a 125 for my dad but I'm maintaining it.
Anyways-that's who I am! And it's even worse as NONE of my friends have tanks or bettas so i have no one to talk about my obsession to so hopefully this website will help!
Thanks for listening to my backstory! Haha!
One question is how do I convince my mom for more betta tanks?
I take great care of everything i have already, they are all in my room!
2 female rats
1 male syrian hamster
20 fish in 60 gallon tropical tank
2 betta tanks
I want to get more bettas but it took forever to convince her for my girl so please help me!
Most girls my age obsess over boys and clothes but bettas make me happy!

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7 years is the longest I've heard of a betta living! you clearly took exceptional care of him, good job!!

My sister recently got a all black crowntail as well ! he's gorgeous!

Try to show your mom only the good side of bettas, and keep their diseases and hassles of water changes down low ahah! Always talk positive of them and talk about interesting facts of bettas and how beautiful their colorings are, your mom is sure to be convinced! ALSO, mention the horrible conditions that pet store bettas go through and mention that you are SAVING LIVES, theres no room for her to say no! GOODLUCKKK :)
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