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I've been lurking on the site for a little while, but thought I might as well get stuck in!

I will be getting my first Betta quite soon, and I just wanted to check if I was on the right track with everything. I've been researching for a while and at the weekend went out and bought a new tank.

I've set up a 5 gallon tank with filter, heater, and some sandy substrate. The filter seems too powerful so shall be baffling that before the Betta goes in. I've already started it cycling and I shall be picking up some live plants in a few days, I plan to have some buried and some floating.

I have water conditioner, and I already have an established bigger community tank so I know about water changes and gravel siphons etc.

I just wanted to know if there was anything specific to keeping Betta that I am missing, they seem so delicate to me.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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