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I will most likely read more then I post but I thought I would say hi!

I have owned bettas on and off for ten years, i love the little guys!

Currently I have three, 1 is a blue VT that lives at work, he loves it there as lots of people come by to talk to him and play with him. His name is Jaws but most of us call him betta fish lol. I also have a community tank at work, I have a female endler, male fancy guppy, 2 platys, 4 albino cory's and some endler/guppy fry. I wasnt planning on my endler and guppy to breed, however I previously bred endler's, sold them all but a tiny fry was left behind and of course turned out female :S thankfully the platys help with population control!

I also have 2 crowntails at home, i just brought them home the other day.

Here is their setup currently:

they will be getting betta logs and more plants next pay day

and here they are, not the best pics I plan on getting better ones!


ive read through a few stickies and was trying to figure out their colouring, i need a better picture of elvis his body is white with very light blue and his fins are metallic blue and purple, these guys are so pretty! Presley is red with metallic green.

Besides my fish I also have 2 dogs, an olde boston bulldogge named Grendel and a boston terrier mix named brie. And an orange tabby named george.
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Welcome to TFK!!

Your tank is looking quite clean! :)

You should post some pictures of your other tanks. I'd love to see what else you have working up over there.

Have you ever though of real plants ;) I love them too much not to say anything of them hahahaa.
I keep a tank in my office too now. I don't know how I got through days before I had a dancing betta on my desk.

Your boys are pretty! I have a hard time getting good pictures too, they just wiggle and never stay still long enough!
eek, sorry for double post, I saw the text still sitting in the window...thought, didn't I post that already?

Apparently I had :)

WTB delete button!
For some reason your first picture reminds me of those games where you have to find the difference between each picture xD

Welcome to the forum~! I love your Cts! :D
thanks Im quite fond of them :)

I will try and get some decent pics on the weekend when Im at work next. Im going to try and get some better pics with my actual camera of my guys at home.
Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping.....

Look forward to hearing more about your Betta adventures and seeing more pics.....I love your setups....nice job.....

Enjoy your stay...

Be sure and post questions in the proper sections for best response...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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