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Newly-Planted 2.5 Gallon Question

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I decided to plant my Aqueon 2.5 mini bow recently. I just added an anubias nana and a java fern today. The java fern I bought from Petsmart turned out to be one large plant and one itsy-bitsy one that I don't think I'll be able to fully plant anytime soon, so I've left it floating. The java fern I've planted in my gravel, and the anubias I've attached to a rock with a clear rubber band. Is this okay? And is it okay to leave the little java fern floating?
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The ferns and anubias do not need to be planted, I've got an anubias and fern that I just stuck into an ornament. They should still grow with the proper lighting.
The reason it is best to not plant Anubias or the Java Fern is they have rhizomes which can rot. So it is advised to only plant the roots for best results. You can tie them to ornaments, driftwood, etc., with fishing line or thread; just don't tie down too tightly.

Have fun!
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