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Nitrite spike normal?

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I'm about 3 weeks into cycling. I just got my test kit today..
So my ammonia tested at 0.25ppm.
My nitrite is around, or over 5ppm.

Is it normal to have a nitrite spike this high? How high of ammonia should I be aiming for at this point?
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Do you think it'll be ready in about a week then?
What a huge range.
I read not to let nitrite go over 5ppm.. Should I do a small water change just in case?
Nitrite not ate :)
And yes it is fishless.. I think the fish would be dead with that much nitrite. xD
I'm getting so excited, it's been such a long process. The excitment kind of wore off for a while but it's back :D
I've been using fish food, and I grew some water fleas and nematodes I think. o-o
Yea Ive gone to a ton of hardware and grocery stores but everythin is scented or has soap... I just kinda gave up lol.
Is it normal for pH to go up? Mine used to be 7.2..
My pH test reads 7.6 and my high pH test reads under 7.4..
That's going to limit me to live bearers pretty much Dx
Alright today:
Ammonia: 0.25
Nitrite: 0.25 (dropped from 5ppm since Saturday?!)
Nitrate: 5ppm

Is my nitrate reading too low? Most people get it in the 80's.. Or could the hornwort be doing that? I've never had too high ammonia thanks to it, I don't know where all the nitrite came from..
Should it be ready by tomorrow or Thursday? There's a boy at the mall with ick, and I am desperate to put Gilbert in there to free up a hospital tank.

Edit: also, I have aquired quite the collection of water fleas and nematodes. This is from the food right? (Gilbert loves nematodes, won't have to feed him for a while after putting him in!)
Yes, I am hoping to do a 75% change tomorrow. If my nirtrItes hit zero does that mean it's time for a water change and fish? It'll just be one betta for now anyways. I'll be sure to sift through the sand for food, since it is a sand bottom.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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