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I treated my red crowntail beta for ick and he still isnt eatting what should i do? He also has a whitish/yellowish patchon his side and under his jaw, it worries me alot, please help
i can try to get pictures but my ipod severly blurs them
What size is your tank? 1.5 gallons (my 5 gallon one leaked)
What temperature is your tank? around 75-80
Does your tank have a filter? yes
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? no
Is your tank heated? no (besides the room's temp)
What tank mates does your betta fish live with? none

What type of food do you feed your betta fish? 1 pellet or bloodworm
How often do you feed your betta fish? 2 times per day

How often do you perform a water change? 2-3 times per week (ushally mon, wen, fri
What percentage of the water do you change when you perform a water change? 100%, 75%, 100%
What type of additives do you add to the water when you perform a water change? water conditioner and de-clorinates/chorlimines aswell

Symptoms and Treatment
How has your betta fish's appearance changed? Dull, white/yellowish patch bellow jaw and on side
How has your betta fish's behavior changed? not a flamboient,slow,wont eat
When did you start noticing the symptoms? Dec. 4th
Have you started treating your fish? If so, how? he had ick a mouth ago, i treated for that but suddenly he's still eatting and lazy
Does your fish have any history of being ill? yes ick one mouth ago
How old is your fish (approximately)? a few mouths (got him from walmart)

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Does the patch look anything like this:

Tank will be about 4 degrees below room temp. Swings are a big problem. He should be away from exterior doors and windows and away from vents as well. He needs a stable temp between 78-80. Unless your house is a stable 80F+ he's freezing and all the swings are really hurting him.

How do you acclimate during water changes?

He should be getting blood worms only once week as a treat in replace pellets for one feeding. Frozen should be fed in pellet size chunk - not dropping the whole or part of cube in. Also anything freezedried must be thoroughly soaked for at least 10minuts in a cup with dechlorinated water to soften. Pellets should be high quality protein based where the first 2-3 ingredients are whole fish, not fishmeal or wheat. Depending on what pellets you feed depends on how many you feed, but one is not enough and feedings should be broken up into one or two small meals a day. No matter what you feed he needs one day a week with no food.

Photos would be helpful.

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no it doesnt look like that its hard to explain (ill take pictures), i'll change my feeding habits and get a heater (parents are being very stubborn) i acclimate by slowly adding the fresh water to exisiting on 75%day and on 100% days i slowly add him in by making sure both waters are same temp and gently adding in a large cup with some old water in it so he feels comfertable, and by one on the feeding i mean one serving (yes mine has a serving size 2-4 pellets i give him two in the morning and 2 at night)
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