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ive had Antione for 2 weeks now, hes been eating fine and for the most part, acting normal (see my other recent threads), but hes never flared. my first betta did every time i held the camera up to him or showed him a mirror, but Antione doesnt. his fins are always slightly spread. his little long fins by his gills go straight back when he swims and straight out the second he stops, and his other fins usually do the same, but his fin curling seems to be getting worse, and they might be a little more relaxed(?) now. but he still refuses to flare. i showed him a mirror over a week ago and i could actually hear him hit the other side of the tank he swam away so fast... i felt horrible for scaring him... so i havent tried showing him the mirror again untill today. (i made sure to put it up against the skinny part of his tank so if he freaked again he would hae more room before the tank wall and hopefully wouldnt hit it) but this time he swam right up to the mirror. nose to nose with "the other fish" and didnt flare one bit...

is something wrong?
also, what else causes fin curling other than hard water?

last i checked his ammonia was at .5-1 but that was right before the water change
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