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NPT with low-mid light plants?

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I'm actually really interested in NPTs, and I think my next tank project (which may be a ways down the road...) will be one in a Fluval Spec V. However, I'm wondering if you can have a successful NPT with mostly low and medium-light plants, since I've read varying opinions on how bright the Spec V lights are for supporting plantlife.

Can it be done with stock Fluval lighting? If so, could I get some info and maybe pictures of what's been done in these tanks?

On a side note, I may as well go all-out when I get this tank and have its inhabitants be some snails and a really nice betta from aquabid. :p It's going to be a long time for me to save up to get it set up anyways, what's a little extra wait?
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I don't know about the Spec V tanks but I do know that the NPT I started in a 10 gallon is thriving in low and medium light. The tank is a Tetra 10 gallon with LED hood. the tank is heavily planted. Some of the plants I chose were bunch plants with no roots. and some of the others like my Banana plants have grown roots and are also blooming. Just remember to use good Substrate (mineral rich) and I add API CO2 boost every day. I have never used any other fertilizer in this tank.
I second the banana plant... I love mine! It's absolutely thriving.

Honestly I don't know what all the plants I have in my tank are, but it's a low-med light tank as well. Hopefully other people can ID the plants:
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