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I've actually been posting around this website for almost two months now, but never gave any kind of introduction!

Like others, I had a betta or two growing up, and while I did care for them, I'm sad to say they did not recieve proper care and went largely forgotten about... I can't even remember their names, but I'm sorry, little guys...

I fell into the category of people who thought fish aren't real pets - they don't feel pain, they have three second memory-spans, and they don't exhibit any kind of personality. It wasn't until this past June when I moved to university that I met my now-ex roommate's betta who I inadverantly named Derrick. He showed me how happy, fesity, and lively fish can be, and while at first I thought having one fish in a 10 gallon tank was ridiculous, now I could never put a betta in anything smaller than a 2 gallon tank. He was so much happier than any betta I'd seen.

So after a few months of mulling it over, I decided I wanted to get my own betta. I researched them on the internet for about a week before I decided to get one, and I thought I had them all figured out. But when I went to petco, I decided I wanted to try a sorority tank out, and picked out my first female bettas - Daphne and Fioré. Naturally I had problems with just two, so I did more research and ended up on this wonderful site where I officially got schooled on betta care. It was all very overwhelming!

The next day, I went out to find a third girl for my sorority. Still being an idiot, I picked out a petco baby, because she was bronze and I thought she was adorable. Her name's Dulcé. Luckily my three girls survived my fledgling mistakes which include: 1) starting out with a sorority 2) buying only three members for my sorority 3) third member is a baby which might not be female 4) very little decorations 5) no cycle, no filter 6) tetra flakes, and 7) no heater in a 70 degree apartment

To be fair, I was trying my best. For the next three weeks, I devoted all of my food budget to getting them the supplies they needed. I was very hungry.

ANYWAYS, I ended up visiting this site everyday, I learned a lot. I added a whopping 5 more males to my betta family in only a month's time. I'm pleased to say that they're all well cared for, with regular water changes, good food, filters and good heaters, and lots of attention. I really love all my little fishies!

So that's my backstory! Part of the reason I enjoy bettas is because of my deep love for science and nature. I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Physics. Before picking that major, I was considering majoring in Molecular Biology, which has a lot to do with DNA and genetics - something you deal with when breeding fish, clearly :p I could definitely see myself fiddling with breeding bettas in the distant future - I still have so much to learn, and more important things to focus on. breeding definitely piques my interest because it combines a hobby (fishkeeping) with my scientific mindset.
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