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oh dear.. can my fishy become blind?

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so my beloved half moon dragon, Frosty Love, seems to have developed slight flecks of what look to be the same as his scale coloring on the pupil of both his eyes. he's just as happy and silly as ever. but i'm just wondering if it's possible that he could become blind?
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Bettas can become blind. I had a delightful CT that lost vision in one eye and lived for another six months, until vision in the other eye went, and he was unable to locate food I placed in the tank. I kept putting food in for him and cleaning the tank. But he no longer indicated in his swimming that he had any awareness of food or me--this was especially sad because he had been such a responsive and enthusiastic companion. He took to swimming in wide arcs from a middle distance to the surface. I didn't think there was much I could do at this point, except perhaps put some Methylene Blue in the tank (which I did), and finally one morning I found him dead at the bottom of the tank.
There is another thread that I was directed to, which has information relevant to Frosty Love's current plight. It is very short. You may wish to see what people on the forum were saying about blind fishes a year ago or so. I will try to include a link in this message:

I did not know to do these things for my own blind fish; I wish I had.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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