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Oily Film at top

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Read a lot of posts about this but haven't found a solution as of yet.

I have:
EcoPico 5 Gallon
Filter that came with it, material changed to 1/2 20 ppi(bottom) & 1/2 30ppi top, water outlet has 20ppi foam over it to restrict flow
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 25W set to 78
1 Marimo Moss Ball
Water - pH 7.4, NO3 - 0, NH3 - .25 NO2 - 0
Water has 1/2 teaspoon Aquarium Salt per gallon.
Current water is also treated with Tera Aquasafe plus.

I change at least 25% water weekly, with 50% change every other week and 100% once a monthly. Tank is about 3 months old.

Did 100% water change about 1.5 weeks ago. First time 100% change with the Tera and salt. Previously I was using Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner with Top Fin Bacteria Supplement. With that I never had a oily film that looks like a rainbow on top.

Currently every day i use a paper towel on top to remove film, doing that twice a day.

So my question is, would the Tetra being the cause? I switched because it used less, cost less and a bigger bottle. Also the Aqueon water conditioner made the water smell funny.

What else could be causing this? His food has remained the same. Aqueon Betta Pellets.
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The oil is normal, it's protein and bacteria and such. It's nothing harmful, and may actually be helpful to your tank.
I wouldn't worry about it - you can continue to take it off twice a day if you don't like the way it looks, otherwise, leave it alone.
It may have something to do with changing treatments and adding salt, but not necessarily. My tanks get it, and I don't bother removing it, it doesn't bother my fish at all.
Yes it's pretty common in tanks that dont have much water movement at the surface.
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Thanks for the input. Our betta seems happy as a clam and the rest of the water is crystal clear. He is finicky, if his house isn't in the right position or the water flow is too strong he wont sleep in his house.

didn't mean to start a new thread, i thought i was posting in the other one, oh well.
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