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In a filtered, cycled 10gal, you have to do a 25%/50% weekly water change with gravel vacuuming to get rid of DOCs and to remineralize.

In a nonfiltered, noncycled tank, You have to do a weekly 50% change and vac to get rid of ammonia and DOCs, and to remineralize.

The big difference is that in a cycled tank, the ammonia remains a 0.0ppm all the time.

You could put him in the 10gal and run your filter. Check his water diligently and never let ammonia get over 0.25 ppm.

Quite a while from now (it takes months for the nitrifying bacteria to fall into your tank and multiply) , you'll find your tank has cycled, that is ammonia and nitrites will read 0.0ppm all the time.

You'll still need weekly changes, but your fish will live in clean water from then on.

That's the hard way, and you have to be careful. But, if you correctly use a good liquid test kit, and use it often, your fish will be OK.

Filter squeezings are not very useful; there isn't much bacteria in the water column. On the other hand, a piece of old filter sponge or a quarter cup of gravel in your filter, will accelerate your cycle.

Other than water conditioner, it's best not to use chemicals (like to lower your ammonia). Water changes are always better.
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