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Omelette's new friends, new tank

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Yesterday I had gone to Petco with my mom, in hopes that I could persuade (read: BULLY hehe) my mom into letting me buy a new tank, decorations, and maybe some ghost shrimp. I wanted ghost shrimp for my science fair project anyway, but I eventually decided that I would feel terrible buying little animals purely for science. Not an experiment, though. Just explaining how an Ecosphere works.
So I bought a "Pet Keeper by Petco", 3 gallons, basically the same thing as a Kritter Keeper. It's on my bookshelf next to my bed.
I bought a silk plant which looks lovely in the tank.
I also bought a heater ($9.99....yay) which only raises the temp 5-10 degrees which is perfect. The current temp is 76 degrees, a rare temp for Omelette.
I popped in 2 oyster shells, a cute saltwater snail shell, and a clam shell as little "apartments" and hiding places for the shrimpies, in case Omelette though they were noms (they could hide...)

3 lil Ghost Shrimp are now inhabiting that along with Omelette and his moss ball. I named the shrimp Ash, Misty, and Brock (Pokemon reference) because the largest shrimp appears to be a female (I could be wrong) and there seems to be an adult male (a bit smaller than Misty) which I named Brock. The third, the smallest (Because in the TV show Ash is the youngest hehe) is a juvenile, still a little smaller than Brock. They are so cute!
Anyway.... I took old gravel from Omelette's 1 gallon tank and used that. 4 shells as mentioned above. I swapped the pretty glass hideout for a solid mug. The heater is under a pile of gravel so nobody gets burnt (it could happen?? hehe)... the silk plant is in front of 3 of the shells.

Omelette got too curious when Brock was on "his" shell in the front of the tank. His tail was too close and Brock started to nom it.... not a good idea lol. Om turned around to peck at Brock and Brock just reached out a little claw and pinched Om's nose....poor guy. He looked so sad xD
He looks happier now, though. He's swimming around, enjoying the warmth.

The shrimp are eating a mix of TetraMin Betta crumbles and Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers. They like to scavenge for the crumbles, and become ecstatic when they find a bit of algae wafer xD
They're so cute, they like to fight over bits of food, etc.
Here are some pics I took :)
1. The tank
2. Omelette in his old tank.... his tail is nommed on EVEN MORE...poor boy xD
3. Brock (or Misty, I already forgot) becoming "King of the Pebbles"

I hope you enjoy my new tank xD If you have any suggestions, please tell me!
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