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omg another, curse aquabid!!

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okay i got another betta basically, blame aquabid!! i can't stand the taunts, it became a habit :lol: i know am horrible. thank god i have like 3 tanks left over (i think more i don't know haha) but anyways, here's the link:
and here is a pic:

(she's in my avi too lol) also she still is unamed
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She is stunning! Is she gonna be a pet or a breeder?
it's a she haha. am not sure, if i ever do a breeding i guess she would be, but i don't have a good or quality male at the moment. only one that dosen't have strange deformities are Zero and Phantom
She's a pretty little doll :)
She's so beautiful!
She reminds me of a tiger she is so cute
D'awww enjoy her! Yes, that AquaBid is horrible lol I won't go on there at all!
The only reason AB is safe for me is there is NO WAY I am paying $35 or more to ship a fish...

ANyways she is very pretty
I'd pay it LOL For a few fish, not just for one though.
Aquabid has gotten me as well. XD I can't help it. The fish are so pretty.
thanks everyone, i can't wait to get her. she was $25 dollars lol, i don't buy fish out the country. am not allowed to that's why haha
I usually buy mine out of the country because I don't know that well of breeders reps in the country. xD
Aquabid gets me every time! I just can't help it! She is so pretty!!
Exactly! I think AB is somehow putting a spell on people to buy fish,
1+^ totally agree haha

thanks, well the person you could talk to about breeding IN the country on AB is chard56, he has beautiful betta's and he is very nice. he even has a thread in the classifieds section. there is martinimommy she has HIGH quality betta's, but sometimes a bit pricey, i never really spoke to martini so she might be nice heh heh. then there is darkmoon, she/he (don't know the gender) has beautiful betta's, there very pretty and darkmoon is nice. there is also hopdiggity or jennifer, she is kind and she is the first person i ever bought from. though she dosen't breed the betta's she imports them from thailand, so you don't need to pay USD (is that how you spell it?) shipping, there is more i probably forgot/don't know. you can find chard, martini, and darkmoon in this forum as well
Ah. I have my bettas worked out pretty much for buying atm. but, next time I'll for sure check them out.
ok your welcome. i hear chard is working on purples
i even drew her, lol (am crazeh):
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