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I have 3 males in 3 different tanks. All tanks well established and cycled. From the first moment I got my first male he's had problems with his fins. He's a halfmoon and his tail is always split. I've given him numerous does of finrot treatment over the year I've had him. Today I noticed a sliver of his tail on the gravel.

His tank is 21.6 litres which he's in alone. It has real plants and is cycled with all tests as they should be. Cleaned once a week.

My other two males are fine, their fins are perfect.

Can some bettas be like this or do you think it's water quality? When I first got him he ay on the gravel for over a week lifeless and I used IAL to help him. He's fine and eating and swimming about and has been for a year but he's always had this problem with his fins no matter how many times I treat him. I've never seen him biting.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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