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One of my boys and a "friend"

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So I was trying to get a pic of my Cherry Shrimp and my boy, Arthur, decided that he would come see what I was doing. In doing so I *finally* got a great pic of his fins in full spread.

So, this is my boy Arthur, and one of his tank mates.
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The Betta is beautiful! Is he A double tail rosetail? I love that blue color, I've always wanted cherry shrimp but for one they are 10 dollars, for a TINY shrimp that will most Likely get eaten by my bettas I am not going to buy them that of an expensive treat
He is a double tail, but not sure about rose tail, I've wondered given how... fluffy his tail is, but I dunno. This is a boy who was marked as a "Plakat" by the fine folks at Petco. Although admittedly his tail was shorter as a youngster, he's the fish in my profile pic.

Mo, Cherry Shrimp are crazy expensive in your area! I know they're around $5-6 here, so I got mine on eBay, from a US vendor who uses free shipping so it worked out to less than a dollar per shrimp, and it's working out so far. I only got 5 to start and I saw at least 4 out in the open last night before a water change. I always worry I'll suck one up with my water changer! Arthur may have taken it out, he certainly was on the warpath when they first arrived ans one is missing several legs (gets around fine, but kinda hops rather than walks), but now the big lug just swims past them without even looking their way while they eat. I know he may turn on them eventually, and will probably eat any young ones he can catch, but I hope for the best.
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his finnage if ruffled like a rosetail, he might be. though am not a professional on the finnage of the doubletail. but he is very gorgeous ;-)
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