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Wanted to get out of the house today so I ended up going to a couple of local pet stores to browse. I know, I know, a mistake!

The first store was a Jack's and I should have known better when I walked in the door and there was a funky, stale urine odor as the greeting.

I headed to the betta area and they all looked sad and sick. Sigh.

I should have walked out then, but wanted to look around a bit more. As i was looking at the fancy goldfish I noticed one was just hovering in the middle of the tank. His body condition looked good, but then I noticed that he was missing a eye. Looking closer it turns out he was missing BOTH eyes. Then I started looking closer and saw a bubble eye that had one bubble that was burst, Then I saw more that were damaged (missing gill cover, another missing an eye, etc...)

As I stood there in horror I finally noticed the 2+ inch African Clawed Frogs that were sharing a tank with these poor goldfish and I can't help but wonder if the frogs aren't the cause of so many damaged fish. (There were a couple of other tanks of mixed fancy goldfish that were not so damaged.)

After I left that little shop of horrors I went over to the Petco across the street. This store was, thankfully, light and didn't reek of nastiness. They had a bunch of bettas, and most were in fair to good condition. Looking through the pretty fishies I discovered they had 3 "Kings". They were *huge!*

I soooo want one of these big boys, but I just got a 2nd betta a couple of days ago and I understand that the larger betta would need a much larger home than I can provide at this time. Sigh. I hate leaving him there to possibly die in that little cup or get bought by someone who will put him in a small bowl. Eventually I want to set up big tank and maybe then I can think about getting one to add to a community tank.

On a brighter note, the little dragonscale, double tail that I got the other day is a total stinker! He loves to watch me as I sit next to his tank. I think he's begging for food! Crazy boy.
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