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oops i did it again..

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So after moving and splitting up with ex, he took all my lighting and heaters except one 25wt heater, i have three tanks of fish that have been cold for days. Friday my new man and i went to get 2 heaters to sort me out....
we walked out with 3 heaters ($90)

drove home, picked his mom up and drove to another aquarium, he bought me a 2 foot light ($90)and i got two fish and mom got one too. ($30)
plus a plant ($6)

we got home and after i set moms tank up (one of my spares, and i threw in a small new heater and a small internal filter i had)

I put my new girl in the community tank and the new fella in the 8bay now set up n warm.

Mr comes in and has a seat....didnt look first. theres a crack sound and he groans i looked at him as he started apologizing.
yes we forgot i had stuck my 2 foot tank lids there.

so back to the second aquarium again to get new lid, come out with lid, another fish, brineshrimp eggs and a alge magnet

pics: (getting a new camera soon, and havent adjusted colours due to lack of time)

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Moms fish Billy

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Billy again

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Your new guy sounds like a keeper! And I like that tank and the fishies. :)
They are all very pretty! I really like the fourth.;-)
HAHA yeh hes defiantly a keeper. in like a week and a half ive added 6 plus moms fish i think. hes already at me to breed so ive set up and starting to condition, i have a lps that will take babies and ive a few breeding prospects.

Just set up a bbs hatchery and ill see how it goes, also tracking downs Vg eels and Microworm cultures. kinda hard in australia lol
chong...hes got a little healing to do :)
Your ex sounds like a huge butt for taking your heaters O.O
Loving the CTs!!
ex was into salt waters and i had the fresh waters, when i moved he demanded i leave everything of his INCLUDING 99% of my plants.

yeh the CTS are taking over
flush n chips, tats bubble n squeak, cheech and chong are all my cts
Why would he need plants if he has salt water?! D: craziness.
The CTs get addicting :D
to sell and get money off it. mind you i paid for some of the plants. and he also demanded i leave behind a saddle he bought and GAVE to me so he could sell that too. i said good luck to him its not a very comfy saddle anyway haha
Nice! The jerk.

I'm thankful that so far my bf seems supportive. Who knows if that will last if we were to get married and he constantly has to deal with fish. He already knows I want another Standard Poodle since I lost mine to cancer, and he hasn't protested that. I guess if he's the right guy he'll be supportive of all the wackiness.
That's right!

Unfortunately I just had to euthanize Cheech, he went half pale, his rays were dropping off and he was starting to have breathing issues. No other fish in the 8 bay :(
Oh, that's to bad. I'm sorry for your loss.
Ahhh... Poor thing...
but on a smilier :) note we bought a kitten today.....were going to replace the lost cheech but decided a kitty.
Awww. Pics please!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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