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Hagen are the best filters imho. I have a Hagen Fluval 3 plus internal for my 20g long. Not sure if they still sell them though as I've tried to do price checking on them. I also have a 3 plus and a hagen Elite stingray 5. All have excellent filtration and the replacement sponges are not a bad price.

Hoodwise, I have one of the metal ones. They can be very expensive to replace as I've found out when looking myself when pricing up so making one would probably be a cheaper and just as good alternative.

Heaters range in prices but I like the AquaOne brand or again, Hagen. I have a 200watt in my 20gal and it's very reliable. You'll be best off with one with a thermostat because temps range from room to room.

Other than that the rest is all optional extras. Nets, plants, decor, substrate, bucket, syphon. Syphons are essential for larger tanks like these because it can be a real pain doing it with jugs.

Don't get a kit ;) have fun with this project tank. Imagine how rewarding it'll be when you finish!
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