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I`m really sad to say that my betta, Oscar, died today at around 5 A.M. I bought him when he was around 8-12 months old and he lasted around 7-8 months in my house. I bought him a 5Gal aquarium and so many decorations where he loved to play and hide, I gave him bloodworms and the best that bettas can have and I even bought him a betta hammock that he loved! Yesterday he started to get bad because of some unknown bloating disease (looked like pinecone) and I watched him all the day and gave him as much attention as possible, I even said that he was the best fish that I had and will ever have and said bye to him, and as I woke up today he was dead. Im really sad and cant stop crying because I loved him so much and took care of him as if he was my son. I took him everywhere with his aquarium and changed his water almost everyday to make it super clean.

Rest in peace Oscar, I hope you are in a giant place full of water with your parent bettas and friends that died too. They wont attack you, dont worry.

Im so sorry for anything wrong I did to you and hope I find you again in the afterlife. Im really sorry my little gold boy. You are going to be so so so so much missed by me and everyone.:BIGweepy:
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