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Our newest Addition.. Draco!

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This is about a week after I got him.. its been about 3 1/2 now maybe 4 weeks. He wasnt this pretty at first, and I wasnt even at the store to get a new fish but he was watching me walk.. and of course wiggled when I looked at him so I had to buy him. Id never tell him this, but he was UGLY when I picked him up but I knew that hed change.. I made the right choice. Welcome to the family Draco. :-D
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Aw! What a great story! I was at Petsmart today and all their fish actually looked really good. I was so happy. Nothing like going in a store to find dead or neglected fish.
I hate when that happens :( ill go to my local Wal-Mart to see two of them put in the same cup by some ignorant kids wanting to see a show. So I open up the company's Beta water, pour it back in the cup and separate them. Waste of company product but maybe they should pay closer attention.
I've brought this up to their management and it has stopped in recent weeks, but i still check every time I'm in walmart.
I know what you mean. I got my first betta last weekend. I was planning to just get a regular VT betta at Petsmart (the Petsmarts in my area dont carry anything beside VT and CT for 5.99) but i went to BigAl and saw a HM dragon boy who kept flaring at me. I actually left BigAl and went to Petsmart but non of the fish there could get him out of my head. So I ended up buying him for $25 and named him Drake hehe
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