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I bought a new little girl last Friday, and she seemed to be doing really well. Unfortunately, yesterday when I cleaned her bowl I discovered that her heater overheated her bowl. It just had one of those sticker thermometers on it, so all I know is that it was over 82 (top of the thermometer's scale) and that it felt very warm to the touch. Since then she has stopped eating and just floats by the surface. She is mostly unresponsive unless I give her a reason to move. She was in a very small bowl, so I have moved her into about a gallon to avoid heating issues from recurring. I was hoping with clean cool water that she would perk up, but she isn't looking well. Is there anything I can do for her? Please help. I don't want to lose her. :-( Until yesterday, she was eating well (1-2 Omega One Betta Buffet pellets twice a day) and very active.

Housing: was probably less than 1/2 gallon, now in about a gallon (bowl is a 2.5, but I have the water level low because it has no top)
Water: Just changed yesterday (have been doing changes every day-every other day as I have been able since she was in such a small container)
Water conditioner: Jungle Start Right
Heated, no tank mates
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Just keep her in the dark, cover the bowl with a blanket for now.. Don't try feeder her, her body needs a rest. This is one of those cases where there really isn't much you can do, you just have to wait it out. I did have an over heating to 91F of a female, and she acted like nothing happened after that.
Heating 1/2 gallon of water is a tricky job.
What brand of heater was this? Was it new, old, something happen to it?
I'm sorry to hear. :( There really isn't anything you can do if she was burnt.
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Awww no! Poor girl. :(
Is the heater broke or was there just not enough water?
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