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Painting tank stand

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So, I'm tired of the ugly brown stand and tank trim on my 54 gallon tank. I got it secondhand, so I didn't pick the color. I'm figuring if I use no-VOC paint on the stand with a fan sucking the air away from the tank, I'm fine to paint the stand in place. However, the tank itself has this ugly fake oak trim. The trim is really plasticky too, so I don't think paint would stick very well without sanding it. I could probably use Krylon fusion, but I do not want to take down the tank and I do not want to actually paint the top trim with fish in it.

Suggestions on what I can do to change the trim color? I want to do the stand in a satin black. I think the tank trim is about 2 inches wide. Long strips of black electrical tape? If I put it on right with no overlap, I don't think it would look tacky. Black contact paper maybe, but I worry about it peeling up easily. Duct tape would actually probably be the perfect width, but I don't want it to look like I slapped duct tape on it. I need a good idea.
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I like the electrical tape idea. It would look smoother than a coloured duct tape. Lots of tanks have black rims so I think it would look like it's suppose to be there.

That is unless someone knows of a painting idea where you don't have to take the tank down..... but I don't!
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