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I'll second @Maxwedge , it's most likely just a typical aquarium pest that most keepers cross paths with at some point.

I can't tell what it is from the photo, but it does resemble a copepod like you mentioned. I can't give a certainty unless you can get a decent photo for us.

And, as someone who's got both copepods and detritus, they're nothing to worry about. Copepods tend to stay on the glass and munch algae, while detritus live in the substrate and eat leftover food.

Also, just something to remember, you know how most of us tell newer folks not to freak out unless their Betta has a noticable personality change?
Goes the same for parasites. Basically, if your kiddo doesn't actively have anything hanging from them and isn't acting oddly, typically they're fine and it's something else.

These are just my thoughts on this, but I'd wait for Maxwedge's opinion as well just to be safe.

P.S less feeding and more thorough cleanings of gravel (if possible, right? ;)) help to lower detritus populations, if you them.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts