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Wow that's great! Maybe they see it's a good hobby for you. I know MrVampie is pretty young, 13 or 14 I think? And they basically let him take over their shed area, he has a garbage bin full of live plants, shelves for his males, a bit heater, it's pretty amazing. I know if my son or daughter was really into something like this and saved their money, I would totally make it happen for them. I think pets, sports, music, anything to teach a child responsibility, rewards, etc, is really important. It's always important to be sure they're going to commit though, usually it's kids that are over eager :)

Also if you have a nice hm male, splurge on a hm female, crossing with a VT will mostly result in VTs, although if you wanted to keep breeding, you could breed for the hm trait.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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