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I feel ya. That's my every day struggle working in a pet store.

I think my biggest "face-palm" moment was when someone asked if we sold "algae eaters" (she meant plecos). When I said no, she asked why we sold bettas and not "algae eaters", to which I explained that bettas are easier to maintain with water changes in the pet store. When I told her there was no need to have "algae eaters" in betta tanks, she asked "Well then how on earth do you keep your tank clean?" I replied, "I clean them myself, it takes only a minute or two"... She looked at me like I had something growing out of my ears... >.>

I don't understand why people think that because they have "algae eaters" in their tanks, that they never have to do water changes.

I also get parents and grandparents coming in every day, wanting to buy a goldfish for their kid to put in a small bowl because "They are easy to replace if they die"... I always go into intense detail about betta care with these people and I often end up talking them out of buying one. They want a pet for their kid or grandkid and don't expect to have to take care of it... I once told a customer, who insisted that she wanted a fish in a small bowl, that Walmart sells these great little robotic fish that LOVE to be in a small bowls XD She didn't look too impressed.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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