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periwinkled colored betta

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hey guys I used to be an active memeber of this forum a year or two ago but I cant remember my old password. lol.

anyways I got a new betta fish today, he seems to be a dragonscale delta whatever. He has some fin rot issues but his cup water was putrid so a clean tank will take care of it over time!

Im hoping he stays this pale purple-blue color, his fins have already darkened within two hours of being in the tank! I hope he doesnt turn dark blue like most red finned dragon bettas!!!

here he isss his name is Coyote

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He's so cute. I never thought about it but yeah most blue bettas are either ghastly light or very dark, I hope he stays a nice sky blue for you
He's pretty!
Thanks! He is so cute! His fins are a darker red already but he is still pale! Yay! Lol
Wow he is eye catching, I hope he stays that color for you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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