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persistent fin rot :(

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i've tried aq salt, maracyn 1 & 2, and tetracycline over the course of a month. the splits in his fin just keep getting deeper. what can i try next?
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If it's a clean split, then it's is most likely not a fin rot. He might be splitting his fins from over flaring or he might be biting.

Rot is characterized by black or red coloration at the edges of the fins that slowly degrades the fin.
yep, its like a main split with black edging. and then just black edging along the rest of the fin, without the bigger splitting. :(
Could you provide a picture of your betta. It isn't uncommon for bettas to have a black edging to their fins as part of their natural coloring.
you can't see the really bad split from here - its kind of near the bottom and bunched up here. he doesnt like to hold still for pictures haha.
It's common for bettas to change colors once they are in good conditions.

To be honest, he looks relatively fine to me.

Try clean water for now and watch him closely. he could either be ripping his tail on decorations or be nibbling on it. It doesn't look like he has fin rot going on though.

What size tank is he in and what's the temperature?
really?? the little black edgings look scary - like little bacteria are nibbling at his poor fins. and that one split keeps getting deeper! he's in a 1 gallon (yes, i know, too small - but i'm having to make do). 100% water changes everyday, API stress coat, 1 small silk plant, small heater keeps it around 77ish.
Try doing a 100% change every 3 days for now. He might be stressed and ripping his tail.

A good test to see if a decoration will be to share is to go over it with some panty-hose. If it snags, it's too sharp.
just spent 15 minutes chasing him around the tank with my camera! heres a better pic of the split.

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ohh. i will try that then. some sites i read said that for a 1 gal you need to change 100% everyday... so thats why i did that. i didn't know it could stress them out more!

i guess i was just wondering if tetracycline was ineffective for my water - maybe too hard or something? wondering if there was other meds i could try.
i thought tetracycline was what was supposed to always work... but didn't really work for me.
Looks like just a split from flaring. Does he flare at his reflection a lot? You might want to try and break up his view of his reflection with more decorations or putting a piece of paper up against the outside of the tank.

Just keep him calm and in clean water and he should be fine.
ohh. thats possible - i dont ever see him flaring, but it might be when i'm not around. i'll try that stuff - thank you! :)
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