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Persistent fungal infection?

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My HM boy has had a fungal infection for the last week or so that just won't go away. He's covered in a very thin layer of pale cottony fluff all over his body, which has been very slowly getting worse. He still eats like a champ and is as active as usual.

He's been in floating QT since last Tuesday. I tried 1tsp/gal of AQ salt for four days, but he just continued to get worse, so I switched to a fungal treatment from the local pet store for the last 3. It's a solution of 4mg/ml methylene blue, 2mg/ml acriflavine, and 0.4mg/ml malachite green. It was pretty much all the shop had, is it any good? Or should I buy a better fungal med when I'm back at home this week? Or back to AQ salt? Please help.

Suggestions? I am going back home over easter, so he'll be travelling with me for an hour or two, I'm a bit worried about the stress. :s Is there anything I can do to help him shake this?
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I've just realised I posted this is the wrong place. :s Must have clicked the wrong tab. Could it be moved to the disease forum, please, mods?

In reply to above, I'm fairly sure it's not velvet; he's covered in a thin, cottony fuzz.
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