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Hey guys!

This will be the start of a new series I am starting called "Pet Store Finds". In this series, I will post pictures and stuff of betta's and stuff that are unique, ones that I have questions about, etc.

So here we go:

Okay, so the pet store I went to today had CrownTail Female Juvenile for sale for $5 a piece. I might pick one up to house because I feel bad for these girls. They have about 20, and they are all Blue so im guessing they all came from the same hatch. One question, are these ladies old enough to feed pellets/flakes/bloodworms/brine shrimp? Here's the best picture I could get of one of these girls;

Then this guy hidden between the VT's. Looks like a red CT to me, sorry about bad picture;

Stay tuned for Ep.2!

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