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I have two of them right now! They're the cutest things, but they do require some special care :)

Basically the difference between taking care of babies vs adults are:

Food -- A good quality pellet is vital. Perhaps the best is NLS Growth Formula, which comes in pellets made small enough for baby fish. But you could do another kind (regular NLS or Omega One) and you would just have to crush them up and maybe pre-soak them. Also, frozen food would be a great addition, I feed frozen brine shrimp every couple days. You could do bloodworms too. Live food would be even better if you can do that. Feeding two to three times a day is best.

Water -- You will have to do more water changes than with an adult. You want the water to be clean of course, but also babies emit a growth stunting hormone. In addition, water temperature should be a bit higher--between 80F and 85F, I would say.

Environment -- Babies like lots of hides to make them feel safe! So a tank with lots of plants would be awesome. (I had my babies in a sparsely decorated 1 gallon each until their big tank cycled, and they always had stress stripes--but once I put them in my heavily planted 10 gal the stripes faded fast!) And if you have a big tank, you may want to start off with shallow water, to make sure that they don't have trouble reaching the surface

I think that's about all! Haha. There are a few other threads on here about baby bettas--particularly the "Petco Baby Betta Thread" that you might want to check out :) Raising them is very rewarding, but sometimes they don't make it just because they've had to go through a lot of stress (shipping, being cupped, etc) at such a young age. If you decide to get one try to pick the biggest/healthiest looking one--and good luck!
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