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Petco or Petsmart?

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I'm most likely getting some new Bettas over the weekend but I would like to know where you guys think is best to get them, petco or petsmart? I know it depends who manages the place but I would just like to know your guys opinion.

So far I'm thinking petsmart because I really don't like the conditions petco keeps there Bettas in.

All so;
Where would be best to sell Bettas at? Might be breeding my male (I think Iys a male) Betta soon so I'm just wondering.
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It really, really depends on the store. I went around to the various Petcos, Petsmarts, and other fish shops near me and looked at how they kept their fish and aquatic plants. I looked for dirty water, dead/ill fish, etc. I liked the Petco near me the best and that is where I got my betta.
All right. Around here there's a LOT of dead fish by the end of the day at our petco :/ I've gone there right before they've closed and half of the fish are dead, I haven't had much of a better experience at petsmart either that's why on asking peoples opinions
I got my first male betta at a family owned business called ******'s. Then I got my three females at Petco. Then two more males at Petsmart. At Petco all of their water dishes were clean and not on just that one day, I go almost every week on various days and they always seem to be very lively and their water clean. Petsmart on the other hand always had 1-2 fish dead :( and most of their water was always filled with their own poop and old food. This is my experience, hope it helps :)
Thank you :)

Hm.... Maybe I can look for another petco around here and see if it's better there or not... Or maybe I'll try the petsmart again...
Like people say it all depends on the employees as well as whoever supplies the fish.

I've found that the bettas at Petco are bigger with cloeaner fins while petsmarts fish are smaller with messier fins. Petsmart often has younger fish, but once fully grown they are still much smaller then the petco fish. I usually get my fish from petco.


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All right, again thank you!
I would try some smaller, local pet stores as well! You can always call and ask if they have Bettas and what tail types they have and go from there. :-D

I also go to my pet store when I know their getting in their stock! That way I get first choice, and there are a lot to choose from
As far as I know there's no smaller fish stores around here sadly >.<

I would LOVE to go on thursday when Petco gets in there shipment but my mom said we have to wait tell the weekend *rolls eyes* I'm going to, hopefully, drag her there tonight XD *goes off to clean room so I can convince my mom to take me tonight*
It really depends on the specific store. By home, Petco usually has nice fish, but by school I've found the opposite to be true. I love going to Petsmart on the day they get shipments in. However, I also find that this varies from shipment to shipment. Once, I went to the Petco by home, who usually has nicer fish, and there were some very, very ill fish. And once when I went to the petsmart near school, even after getting a new shipment in I was very unimpressed and I ended up buying a fish from Petco instead.

However, I've noticed that Petsmart prices tend to be lower across the board.
Thanks for the advice, I'll look at the prices at both places and see.

Another question; my moms saying we should get a Betta from Walmart. Would that be a good idea? I'm sort of reluctant ^^; I'm worried about the quality of the fish and if they will be healthy or not...
I've always preferred petsmart. Not only is it very close to me but it treats their bettas really well. I also really like how petsmart has the petsperk system it has great discounts:) haha They also get some really nice shipments of beautifully colored bettas of all different types.
Thanks! I'll see if my mom can take me there tonight and I'll talk to someone there about when they get there shipments and such!
By Chi-town burbs it's Petco all the way. Their displays are nicer, Betta's healthier and with far more variety. There is a certain Petco by me who has all types of betta's on multiple shelves all spread out so it's easier to view. They also have them in clear water so it's more easier to view.

The Petsmart store is limited in stock. The few betta's they do get are all in the greenish/blue medicine water so it's difficult to tell their true coloration. Even with this additive added, hardly any look healthy or alert.
I personally would go to both and look at both on the day of purchase. Unless one of them is just always superior to the other. I know in my area both are hit and miss. One day you walk in they have great looking fish the next time your in not so much. If I was going to purchase another I would go to both the day of the buy and decide only after looking at both places. I was in Petco today unfortunately buying hospital tanks and they said they could hold a fish for a few hours for me if I was interested. Just my .02. My guys are lucky I didn't know what I know now. I would have never bought my guys from Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart here keeps theirs in abysmal conditions. Usually 2-3 dead and a few more not to far behind. Just my .02.
It depends on who they hire to keep the fish. My PetCo is good. The Bettas are well cared for, and their fish tanks are not overstocked. I haven't seen any dead or diseased fish in their tanks yet. They will still try to sell Lucky Bamboo and Dracaena as aquatic plants but oh well...

My PetsMart, OTOH, is Betta hell. Last i was in there, most of the Bettas were half dead in cups so filthy I could barely see them. Even their plants were filthy. I complain, but I just get form letters. I have a personal boycott now.
I don't have a Petco near me but Petsmart has way better options than our Petdepot...
I say Petsmart definatly. the bettas look sad at first and quite unhealthy but ive bought 3 and they turned out fine!! petsmart all the way!!! :)
Similar experiences here. petco has better variety and health, petsmart is significantly cheaper. The petsmart bettas sometimes get very interesting colors though. And I've seen very pretty bettas at my walmart but needless to say it's only a good idea with new shipments.
I agree with all of the above replies. but, in my area, I prefer Petsmart. Their bettas are in great condition, and so are all of their other fishes/animals. Good luck with future bettas!
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