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pH in tank vs pH of tap water

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I am hopping to put some drift wood into my betta tank (10 gallon) to naturally lower the pH as it is a little high (8.2). My fear with this is that when i do water changes my tap waters pH will be drastically higher than my tanks pH which would stress my betta. Any tips on what i should do for this problem? I also have indian almond leaves to try to lower the pH but i haven’t put them in yet (or the driftwood). Please help I am very scared for my betta and do not want to stress/kill him.
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You can mix distilled with the tap water to lower pH. You'll need to experiment to figure out the proper ratio. Spring and drinking water have pH so you don't want to use those.
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Do you know what your Kh and Gh are? If you have 8.2 ph chances are you have hard water with a high Kh and Gh, that’s not written in stone though. You could have a high ph and a really low Kh. I ask because a high Kh will buffer your water and the ph will remain stable even if you put wood and almond leaves the ph won’t move. So if you do have a high Kh what Russelltheshihtzu suggested above would be the way to go.
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