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Ph question

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My betta's Ph level has been around 6.5, so I added some Ph up. Next time I checked, the Ph seemed to have moved closer to 6.2, so I added some more, thinking I might have put in Ph down on accident. Now it seems to have lowered some.
Has anyone had this kind of situation before? I'm hoping maybe my test is just off.
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6.5 was a totally fine pH for a betta.. they are very adaptable..
By trying to change the pH you may have done more wrong than good.. A pH that is changing quickly is what hurts the fish, not the actual pH.
I would change 50% of the water, and then discontinue changing the pH.
For sick fish, clean water is the best medicine!
Since he's sick, daily water changes are totally fine to do. How big is his tank btw?
Water changes may stress him, but illness is far worse than a little stress. ;)
Ah, go ahead and do daily 100% water changes then.
When he's healed up go back to a regular 50% and 100% change each week.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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