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picking out a betta

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As I get ready to get another male betta, I keep thinking about what color and such. But at the petstore, some are in the little cups, and some are in tanks with other fish. I used to mainly get them from the little cups, but the last one I had came from a tank and I noticed how much more interactive he was compared to the previous fish when I brought him home. It was like he was used to a big open tank to swim around in, and he didn't just sit in one spot.

So, while there's more to choose from in the little cups, would it be better to select one from a tank? I would be easier to see how active he is, and how he is with other fish.
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Thanks! He will be in a community tank, so I think that I will look there first.

I wish I could find a website or thread on here maybe that had pictures of sick bettas. A lot of people mention on here to check for missing scales and such, but to an inexperienced betta owner, I don't exactly know what I'm looking at lol!
I feel the same way! :| What I do is look for an active Betta, that is brightly colored, and isn't missing any fins :)
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