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Hi guys!
I thought it would be good to start a journal of my planted tank for me to keep track as well as possibly give some people ideas and help with the process :-D
I will also include prices and such & try to update as often with things that are happening with the tank so be prepared for many updates! :lol:

The tank is a 5.5 gallon (21L) that i picked up for about $30.00 from my local Kmart.
I thew the all the accessories away and basically just kept the glass tank & lid :lol:
I was looking around for a while for a plain glass tank but i wasn't willing to spend hundreds on bigger brands like an ADA tank etc.

I did a bit of research into the filter and settled on an Aquaclear 20 HOB (hang on back) after reading almost all positive reviews and again, not wanting to spend a lot of money on this build.

I bought it from for $39.00 & had the most inconvenience with the damn shop that i should have just bought it from my local pet store for the extra $10 :evil: I wont be shopping there again.

Ordered the item 22/1/14 but after 8 days of it not making an appearance in the mail :shock: i contacted the company and asked where it was since it told me in the checkout 2-3 day delivery!
The item didn't come with a tracking number either so there was no way to find out where it was.

I was sent back a reply (in a rather rude message) telling me that the item was shipped that morning, now the 29/1/14 & that it is actually 5 day shipping since the item was a "special order item". That's fine but why after going through the checkout and paying did it tell me the standard 2-3 days? UGH. The man also sent me the tracking number for the item (shouldn't that have been done first?)

Ended up waiting another 3 days (received it today 1/2/14) after the stupid post man delivered the package to the WRONG ADDRESS. I kid you not it was delivered to the apartment complex next door to us. Not even in the correct building!!
I am so lucky the nice man came over and gave it back. I will be having a word to the post office about this since this is hardly the first time this has happened where we have received wrong peoples mail & vise versa.

For substrate i am using ADA amazonia 2 & the powder you use under it for plant growth.
This wasn't as pricey as i expected, a 6L bag costed me about $35.00 & being one of the best substrates you can find currently on the market i thought it was a steal for the price. You can find some other lesser quality brands but i actually found them to be MORE costly!

For the lighting i am using light that i took from my mothers tank (she was shutting it down) which is a StarkLED
I love this light & the stats are prefect for a medium - high lighted planted tank, it also looks really pretty! Only time will tell how well it is going to be able to keep the plants alive but it looks promising so far.

For the hardscape i just have 2 pieces of gold vine that i used from a previous tank. I will be playing around with the positions and once i find a good spot for it i can start thinking of plants based on its position.

As for flora that's still being researched but i know i want to avoid crypts this time since they ALWAYS die on me.
I know they are meant to melt but mine always end up with mushy roots and they just disintegrate into nothing!! SO frustrating after spending hundreds on plants sometimes.:evil:

As for the Fauna the tank will hold my white female betta & 5-6 galaxy rasboras. I really feel like tanks look more active with a nano schooling fish (if you can find them) than with just a single betta swimming around, It makes it look more alive and natural to me! Aq advisor said i'm good with stocking and will need basically 20% water change weekly but i do this anyway so its super easy!

That's it so far ladies and gentlemen!

Pictures will come soon since my filter FINALLY arrived i can start to prepare the tank for the cycle (the Amazonia soil leeches ammonia in the beginning so that's good to kick off a fishless cycle!) and get some plants in there as well.
Ill take some photos when i start playing around the the driftwood's position to give you an idea of whats happening with it & how i envision it to look, Right now its just an empty tank with soil in the bottom, Not exciting enough for a photo :p

Stay classy and stay tuned!

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I started having a little irritating issue with the aquaclear 20 filter.
I put it on one of my smaller tanks to get some bacteria growing & it started making this irritating rattling sound.

I took the thing apart twice, made sure everything was secure & it didnt stop.
After doing a little research i discovered people using a little vaseline around the propeller inside the motor & after doing this it now runs SO silently, I can't even hear it :lol: Super happy now :-D

I will be looking to buy some plants over the coming week :-D super excited to get this tank on the road!
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