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okay, i go to the schuylkill river (big river that runs through PA) and i always find these plants floating in the water, alot of the time they are actually planted in the water too. but my question is are they truly aquatic? i also saw them growing on land and sometimes they end up dying in m tank. all hepl is appreciated!

PS i also bought this buld and it hasnt became a plant yet.. its been two months and all the onion plants grew.

Last PS hah does anyone know if onion grass/ onion weed could live in water? its not the type i mentioned being a bulb.


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First make sure its legal to collect plants in your area and then look for your states web-site on native aquatic plants-most states will have one with lots of information......

When I collect native plants to use in the aquarium-its important to properly acclimate them to the florescent lights and QT them before use in the aquarium
I like to use light colored buckets to keep the plants in so that I can view the bottom to remove any aquatic life that I don't want in my aquarium and make daily water changes
Keeping the bucket outside in direct light or light close to the location I collect the plants and move them to lower light areas every couple of usually takes me 10 days or so before I can get them in the house under florescent light.

The bulb-sometimes they grow and sometimes they don't....I have had a 50/50 success with them....You don't want to bury them in the substrate-let them sit on top and check them daily for rot-if they ever become mushy, soft, fuzzy growth or smell bad...toss them.....they can take weeks to months to sprout.
You can also place them in a container of water in a sunny window-sometimes this will help them sprout faster....It also depends on what species of plant it is......

The onion plant....I can't help you with that....never had one.....
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Thank you sooo much OFL! I never thought of doing that, and i found out on the state plant website that it is called pennywort and it is aquatic and as for being able to take them.. Im not sure ill domore research

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