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Please critique my setup?

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I'm almost ready to set up my tank guys! My goal is to have a betta and a few ghost shrimp, snails and possibly some other small compatible fish. I'm super excited. Minus the fishies and food, what do you think? How am I doing?

Plants, Heater, thermometer and testing strips:

Substrate, gravel (accent) and the large stone focal point with hiding spots:

The tank itself, (on sale for 99$!!) it's a six gallon:

Here is what is included: Filter, lights, water conditioner and a cycling supplement.

I plan to set up the tank and let it run for a week or so with testing before I bring home any buddies. Please let me know if I'm missing anything I chose the black substrate to show off the ghost shrimp and to go with the black body of the tank. I am still unsure of what type of betta I'll choose. I've been stalking aquabid but I think I'll go with a fish shop for my first one just in case I don't want to spend a lot if I don't have the hang of the tank keeping yet.

I really want to make a safe and happy home for my new friend. :)
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I think you've got pretty much everything you need :D

Just a few things to note:
Some people don't like that tank for bettas because the water level goes all the way to the top and it makes it hard for bettas to go up to the surface to breath. You could always just lower the water level, kinda changes the look of the tank though.

Your plants look plastic, make sure to check that they're not sharp before putting your betta in with them. Sometimes plastic plants can tear their fins :( Silk plants a great for avoiding that! Theres a pantyhose test you can do to see if it catches on the plants.
I think I've also heard things about the edge being hard to clean, but I don't know if that's fact. Fluval tanks are gorgeous though!

Just so you know, test strips aren't very accurate. I'd return those if you can, and buy a liquid test kit. They are much more accurate and the one from API isn't as expensive as most. Also, that cycling supplement stuff doesn't really do much. A cycle requires a few weeks and a filter to set up.

Looks like a great start! Be sure to post pictures when you get your new friend!
Be sure that the plants/decorations are soft. You can try the "panty hose" method. If it rips the hose, than it will rip their fins. In that size tank I would stick with a betta and maybe shrimp or snails. Are you adding live plants? If you are than use florescent lights. I would recommend liquid testing. The strips sometimes aren't as accurate as liquid.

Be sure to baffle the filter if it is too strong. Give a varied diet, etc.
EDIT: sorry I was typing so long I didn't notice the other posts.
ooh it should look great when it's set up!! My 4 ghost shrimp looked awesome on black gravel. Then they died :(

I second the plant motion. If you can, rub them along pantyhose to see if it catches and discard those. Silk plants are more expensive but IMO look nicer and are safer.
Oh, the fluval tanks and betta need adjustment! Like mentioned, lower the water level because without air a betta will die. (actually there's what was a regal looking crimson plakat in the LPS on display in a fluval chi filled to the top. He was fine at first and 2 days ago he looked pretty bad.. Workers don't care though.)
But I think you're off to a wonderful start. The hardest part will be waiting a week to stock it!!
I second the testing strip thing. Strips are not as accurate as a liquid test kit.

A couple more pointers:
- in less than ten gallons, you can't have any other fish in with your betta, so you are looking at a betta + shrimp only tank.
- leaving it to run for a week will do nothing. You need to add an ammonia source to cause it to cycle. I strongly suggest researching the nitrogen cycle. Very jealous of your tank, I wish I could afford a Fluval. :)
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