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Google planaria/planarian and see if that is what they look like-

Planaria are often found in aquariums with uneaten food. The planaria won't hurt the fish, but they are a symptom of too much gravel containing too much uneaten food, and that is not good for fish. They require a food source, which means there must be excess food wastes in the tank to support them.

Even though you have live plants, go ahead and vacuum the substrate good- but only until 25-50% of the water is gone, replace the water- then after a day, repeat process to make sure it's really clean. Those suckers are hard to get rid of since they multiply with themself.. in a matter of speaking.

Continue to gravel vac your tank 2x a month real well to avoid this, as well as don't over feed the fish- since excess food for the fish is food for the wormies.

Some people have had success using AQ salt to rid them, but you would want to remove the fish and plants before doing so..

Planaria are harmless to your fish.
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