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Please help I think it's fin rot but not sure

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So Belle, my halfmoon betta fish is ill right now.
Symptoms started showing about a week ago.
When I saw it starting, I put in some Aquarium Salt from API.
3 days salt bath, didn't work.
Changed to Bettafix and dosed it for 4 days.
It only got worse, so I did a 100% water change and put API salt again.
That was about 20 minutes ago.
He eats well, flares well, but generally looks tired.
Normally he was quite active. Occasionally resting on beds.
But he's resting more than usual these days and I'm terribly worried.

The size of his tank is about 4 gallons.
I do 80% water change every day.
No filter, only a heater. water temperature is about 79ºF.
I feed him 5-6 pellets of natural betta food from mobydick in the mornings,
and a small quantity (about the size of his eyeball) of Betta food flakes from Tetra at nights.
He is 8-9 months old.
The fins are becoming transparent or ripped, but not the outer corner.
It started near the body and that's why I'm not sure if it's fin rot or something else.
Also, the area around his anus is turning white.
Please, please help.
I've already asked my local betta community but no answers, nobody seemed to know about it.
Please.... I don't want him to leave me yet. He's still young and I love him so much..


the pink and blue spots are just lights reflected.
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