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Please help identify fin issue.

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Hi guys,
I have made a complete water change like I always do last nigh and to day in the morning i came back to discover that my bettas fins look like they are loosing pigmentation in patches. I cant say that they are holes, they look like transparent patches, but this happened literally overnight. The only difference I made was I didn't add salt like I have been for a little while now, since i decided to stop as I know it builds resistance. Any ideas?
He is in a 1,5 gallon tank. Temp 81F, I do 40% water changes every other day and 100% change once a week. I've had this guy for almost a year now. Water parameters are fine no Nitrates or Nitrites, change was made with same water as usual, so I'm stomped.

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He may be flaring too much. Is there a mirror near him where he can see it? Is there another betta within his sight?
No other fish around. I showed him a mirror just to take a better picture. But you can see the spots even when hes not flared.
Its just so odd how it happened over night. I'm thinking could it be some sort of Chlorine burn or something? I did add Prime tho, and let it sit for 20min before letting him into the clean tank.
Hes active, eating, blowing bubbles, maybe just a tad discolored, but otherwise seems normal.
Could it be some sort of severe fin rot?
Are there holes in the fin, or is this clear fin?

He's not got pinholes from flaring, they'd be distinct holes and would eventually tear all the way through (think like hose) to the end.

I really can't say what that would be, but I'll bump ya up :) He's gorgeous, btw.
Thank you:)
I added some Bettafix today. Will be monitoring for any changes. He seems to be acting normal. The fins are the same.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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