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Hi, I am new to the website:) I was searching around google in order to find websites that could help me determine the sex of my Petco Baby Betta, Bubba. I had owned a betta fish before when I was a kid but this is the first time that I had gotten one on my own, so I wanted to make sure that I gave my fish a "good" home. I was taught that fish could live in like 1/2 gallon containers so here I was at Petco thinking that my 2 gallon tank would be greatt! :oops: So after I set him up I went online to look at other people's experiences with Petco baby bettas & found out a whole lot of information that I was not aware of .. so I plant to upgrade to a 10 gallon as soon as my little guy (or girl .. I'm not quite sure, haha) gets a little older. He currently has an under gravel heater but no filter just yet, the one that my tank came with was too strong for the little guy so I decided to take it out & just keep up with the water changes. I am planning to get the Penn Plax Small World Filter today because I heard that it is gentle enough for Bettas, unless someone has another one to refer me to that is better?:)

So, sorry that was long D: But anyways, could anyone please help me sex my betta &tell me his fin type because I have been going back & forth on it. I got him on June 1 and he has grown considerably :) Thank you for your time!

Here are pictures of him not flaring:
View attachment 57566

View attachment 57569

& Here is a picture of him flaring (better view of finnage)
View attachment 57567

&Here is another picture of him flaring (better view of his head)
View attachment 57568

I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I used my iPhone & Bubba hardly stays put, haha. The pictures don't do him justice, he is so much more vibrant in person<3

* Sorry, I posted on the wrong forum part & I have no idea how to move it D:
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