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Please help! Something's wrong with Link!

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As I was checking on all my fish, I noticed that Links' fins looked odd. The tail fin has a small tear, his dorsal fin has a little bit of black and ragged edges, and his anal fin has a strange lavender/gray-ish coloring on the edges. I think it MIGHT be fin rot, and unfortunately I can't say if this has happened overnight, since I was doing errands all day yesterday. I don't have a picture, because he darts away whenever I hold my phone up to the tank. But all of my parameters are good, just had a water change yesterday, he ate fine, and is acting normal except for his appearance. I'm also worried it might be the unknown disease that mostly affects blue fish (he is a blue-ish fish) but I don't know! Please help!
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I know I'm totally not helping, but I can't get video on my phone. :/ And about water quality... I have tested his ammonia and nitrite DAILY since I am cycling his tank. The longest I have ever gone without a water change is three days, as I change my water whenever I get a .25 ppm ammonia reading. I SWEAR, I keep my tank REALLY clean. And it doesn't look at all like the description in the above link... I thought maybe he was tail biting, but the ends have color, and tail biting was described as not having any odd coloring or anything, and I have never seen him do it/chase his tail. But he is acting completely normal, besides the way his fins look. I'm really worried since it doesn't perfectly fit anything...
I just did a test on ALL of the water parameters, and they are as follows:
pH = 6.8
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = 0

I have no idea what is going on with him.
Ok thank you for the help. I have also heard that water that is too clean can be bad, I am only doing what I was advised to do for the cycle. 50% change every time I get an ammonia reading of .25 ppm or more. I have not cleaned the gravel or any decorations (to keep whatever bacteria that's there in the tank) so I assume it can't be too clean, but I could be wrong. He just ate his dinner totally normally and is swimming fine. It seems to be only his appearance. And I don't have any Indian Almond Leaves, but have thought about trying to find some. I hope he's ok, I will lose it if something happens to him. :(
I don't think the blue ones die faster (although I am new at this), it just depends on the individual fish. There is just a new disease that seems to target blue colored fish, but there have been others affected as well. Their health seems to depend on the fish itself (such as the immune system/genetic issues) water quality, and general care. As long as you love them and treat them right, they should live long happy lives (unless unexpected things occur, which does happen).
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